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Monday, November 28, 2011

Goodbye Toenail!

Yowch!! Friday morning I slammed my big toe into the fence we put up to keep our 1 year old in a single area. Thought it hurt more than a usual toe-stubbing so I took my sock off and found my toenail bent up at almost a 45 degree angle with blood underneath it. (Gives me shivers just thinking of it again!) Freaked Holly out to look at it.

Taped it down with a bandage, though I'm told I'll probably lose it. Hurt less than I might have thought, but then again I've been spending as much time as possible off my feat the last couple of days and it's still pretty tender.

Good excuse to kick back and play Skyrim, but Friday was "opening ceremonies" for us, when we go buy our tree and put up all the Christmas stuff! Still managed to limp around getting things done and as of last night all of our Christmas stuff is up. (Whew!)

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